Our outstanding reputation for providing valued solutions to customers with critical power and system connectivity needs comes from over 20 years of dedicated service and reliability to the industry. Our team of certified engineers and technicians apply their wealth of experience and knowledge to every scenario resulting in the optimal project outcome feasible. 

Emergency Support

Understanding the importance on 100% uptime for power in critical situations, Direct Power employs full time DC Power Service Crews who operate throughout the Southeast to be onsite within hours of notice for emergencies on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. Emergency services capabilities include:

  • Battery/UPS systems servicing
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Supplying and Installation of Temp Batteries or Power Plants
  • Factory Certified Repairs
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Alarm Testing and Reset 


Our crew of engineers’ conducts varying degrees of audits on every job. Types of audits range from job scope and methods of procedures review, implementation and quality assessments to full scope audits when needed. Fully certified, reportable audits are available in the areas of AC/DC Power, Load Profiling, Networking, Grounding and various other testing services utilizing the most up to date testing equipment.

  • Battery Capacity & Acceptance Testing – Testing per IEEE 450 &1188 Standards, Complete Pre & Post Test Evaluations, Temporary Batteries Provided
  • ANSI / NETA Maintenance Testing
  • Site Audits – Customized to Client’s Requirements, Facility Condition, Equipment Inventory, Load Profile & Run Time Analysis, Recommendations
  • Internal Resistance / Conductance / Impedance
  • Connection Integrity Testing
  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Isolation & Noise Mitigation 


Our in-house engineering services division can provide a broad range of services to meet your technical needs. By engaging Direct Power engineers early in the project planning process, a fully integrated smooth running implementation can be assured. Services include:

  • Design & Consulting Services – Unique Locations, Specialized Applications, Equipment Cabinet Integration, Custom Emergency Power Off, Equipment, Certified Seismic, Custom Disconnects
  • Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I)
  • Development of Procurement Specs
  • Project Management
  • Site Audits
  • Load Profile & Run-Time Analysis
  • As Built Documentation & Drawings
  • Development of Scope of Work (SOW), Request for Quote (RFQ), Method of Procedure (MOP), and Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Grounding Services
  • Training & Seminars 


There are two important reasons the Earth resistance is measured:

  • Determining effectiveness of “ground” grids and connections that are used with electrical systems to protect personnel and equipment.
  • Prospecting for good (low resistance) “ground” locations, or obtaining measured resistance values that can give specific information about what lies some distance below the earth’s surface (such as the depth of bed rock).

We have a qualified team of technicians trained to find the best possible Earth Ground for your system whether it be a cellular tower, multi-building complex or solar farm, and to audit, provide solutions and grounding installations to fit each customers’ specific needs. The ability to periodically test because the earth changes with the seasons or to test a large field for future growth, the technology is in our hands to find the lowest path for electricity to safely go to ground in fault conditions or lightning strikes. Even if the facility in question has multiple grounding electrodes in place and grounding has become an issue, the problem can be found and corrected in a timely manner. 


Our seasoned project management staff are excellent at executing projects on a full turnkey basis. Good communication provides for efficient cooperation between everyone involved in a specific project. We function as a direct link to manufactures and suppliers assuring that all tools and equipment needed are readily accessible. Process capabilities include:

Deployment Services

  • Engineering: Equipment customization, site design, EF&I, materials, expanse of work, and detailed method of procedure.
  • Acquisition and Expedition: Organization of products and equipment speeding up your process.
  • Production: Shipping and equipment inspection, assessment, pre-configuration, charging and testing.
  • Transportation and Delivery: Insured, certified, and DOT registered for hazardous material transport. Specialized equipment for problematic locations. Vehicles include 4-wheel drive, and high capacity lift gate trucks.
  • Installation: Fabricate, test and upgrade.

Relocation & Storage Services

  • Equipment Decommissioning: Disassembly and Customized packaging for battery transport.
  • Transportation: Insured, Certified and DOT registered for hazardous material (battery) transport.
  • Storage Services: Segregated specified space, designated receiving docs, inspection, charging, testing, and storage.
  • Re-Installation: Transportation, installation, test and start up services. Our techs will move your existing site and completely reconfigure it to your exact specifications.

Decommissioning Services

  • Disassembly and Removal of Existing Equipment
  • Disposal of Extra Equipment
  • Used Batteries Packaged and Transported for Certified Recycling
  • Proof of Disposal documentation 


At Direct Power, Inc., we understand critical battery backup and strive to make the relationship between customer and critical power as seamless as possible. We are certified by battery monitoring OEM’s to service, install and use battery monitoring to analyze the health of the batteries used for critical power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Listed below are some of the reasons battery monitoring can and should be installed in all critical battery backup systems.
Direct Power, Inc. wants to:

  • Ensure battery power availability when needed.
  • Save the customer money on the front end by lowering the cost of maintenance and extending the integrity and life of the batteries.
  • Save the customer money on the back end by remaining operational during power outages, no matter how large the geographic area, while minimizing recovery costs.
  • Excel at customer service by fielding calls and resolving issues during times of outages or normal operating times.
  • Monitor and trend every battery at every site on a 24/7 basis, from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Provide customers with critical battery data that begins from date they were commissioned. Warranty, price and performance issues can be resolved faster with battery manufacturers.
  • Roll trucks on an as needed basis with prior knowledge of battery health.

Our expertise and experience in DC power allows us to determine the health of each battery cell, record each cell activity and performance during every power outage and create a schedule to replace those cells prior to them not responding to an emergency when called upon. Lastly, battery monitoring provides a life graph of each cell in the battery thus, only replacing the battery when needed and not on a calendar date. This eliminates purchasing batteries when the existing battery is still operating properly.

Enhance Your Power Systems

Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your operations with Direct Power’s specialized services. From engineering innovative power solutions to maintaining and monitoring complex systems, our expert team is equipped to handle all your power needs. Reach out today to see how we can support your business with our tailored and advanced power solutions.