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Energizing Connectivity

Experience peace of mind and confidence in every project with Direct Power. We provide telecommunication battery and power equipment services, technical audit and engineering services, and networking solutions to meet your diverse needs.

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Tower Management Excellence

Direct Tower specializes in tower maintenance, inspection, and repair, providing comprehensive turn-key solutions for efficient tower management.

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Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Direct Solar provides complete solar and energy storage solutions, focusing on utility-scale renewable energy systems and solar projects across multiple states. Additionally, Direct Solar offers comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) services for both utility and commercial installations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the solar energy systems.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Critical Power, Connectivity, and Renewable Energy

Direct Services Group (DSG) is a dynamic company specializing in comprehensive solutions for critical power, system connectivity, and renewable energy needs. Through its divisions, Direct Power, Direct Solar, and Direct Tower, the company offers a wide range of specialized services.

Our Mission

DSG, with over two decades of experience, DSG has expanded its services to include Solar Services, Power Storage Solutions, DC Power, and Tower Services. The company attributes its growth to the strength of its teams and continuously strives to attract, hire, and retain highly qualified individuals. Committed to trust, value, responsiveness, innovation, and ethics, DSG distinguishes itself in the industry, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in every project. With a focus on attracting and retaining top talent, the company aims to expand its footprint and deliver outstanding results in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

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Our Services

Direct Power - A DSG Company

Direct Power, Established in 1994, has transformed into a premier provider of turnkey solutions, offering expertise in DC Power, LTE, DAS, Macro & Micro Cell Installations. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Direct Power employs highly skilled in-house technicians who deliver quality work and foster lasting relationships.

Their services encompass power and battery equipment services, technical audit and engineering services, fiber and networking solutions, catering to a diverse range of client needs in the telecommunications industry.

Direct Power - A DSG Company

Direct Tower is a highly trusted provider of specialized tower services within the Southeast telecommunications industry, boasting over two decades of experience. Their expertise extends beyond tower climbing, enabling efficient troubleshooting and resolution of various issues. Adhering to a "Safety First" philosophy, their extensively trained teams prioritize tower safety and rescue, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

They excel in tower maintenance, inspection, and repair, offering comprehensive solutions for effective tower management. Direct Tower places a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service, prioritizing responsiveness and professionalism to promptly and comprehensively address any issues that arise. Their services encompass a wide range, including antenna and line installations, emergency services, maintenance, testing, repairs, site surveys, and troubleshooting.

Direct Solar - A DSG Company

Direct Solar specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for renewable energy assets, focusing on utility-scale solar projects across multiple states. With expertise in PV systems and renewable energy, Direct Solar offers end-to-end solutions, including commissioning, testing, Operations & Maintenance (O&M), monitoring, and SCADA services, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Additionally, Direct Solar provides troubleshooting, specialty project services, and Drone IR inspections to further enhance the reliability and effectiveness of renewable energy systems.

In addition to O&M solutions, Direct Solar also offers services such as DAS and data management, energy storage EF&I, engineering, and project management. Their ability to respond immediately and work efficiently positions them to assist customers with all their service needs throughout the solar development cycle.

Industries Served

DSG serves a diverse array of industries, ensuring uninterrupted critical power and network capabilities:

  • Telecommunication: Delivers tailored power and network solutions to guarantee seamless and uninterrupted telecommunication services.
  • Data Centers: Provides specifically designed power and network frameworks to ensure 100% reliability in data center environments.
  • Financial Services: Trusted by financial institutions to provide reliable network solutions, essential for completing billions of dollars in daily transfers.
  • Healthcare: Offers essential back-up power solutions for healthcare facilities, where uninterrupted power is critical for life-saving equipment.
  • Industrial: Provides equipment-based and site-level solutions for industrial institutions, ensuring critical power and reliable network infrastructure.
  • Transportation: Offers specialized solutions for the transportation industry, supporting stationary batteries and information systems across rail, road, water, and air platforms.
  • Utilities: Assists in meeting the continuous demands on the energy grid, serving power producers from independents to governmental entities across a spectrum of energy sources, from fossil to renewables.

Direct Power's expertise and experience make them a dependable partner in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical systems across various industries.

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