The engineering, development and construction of commercial and utility-scale solar sites depend on the participation of many parties including engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, and equipment suppliers. With this costly endeavor and all the independent entities engaged in the process, obtaining an independent assurance that your systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained per the operational requirements of your Solar PV System at the commissioning phase is essential. With Direct Solar Services’ experience in the entire EF&I process, our team provides an experienced and affordable independent service.

Our commissioning process ensures that:

  • Systems are installed/tested meeting all contractual and IEEE requirements
  • Contractors performed proper operational functions
  • Documented performance of equipment and systems is made
  • Operations and maintenance documentation left on site is complete
  • Creation of a comprehensive transition reports

Maximize Your Solar Investment with Direct Solar

At Direct Solar, we combine technical excellence with a commitment to reliability to maintain and enhance your solar systems. Whether it's electrical construction, operations and maintenance, or system commissioning, our team of certified experts ensures your solar investment achieves optimal performance. Connect with us today to explore how our tailored solar solutions can meet your project's specific needs and elevate its success.