Your Switching Center is the heart of your network and should be treated as such. Let Direct Power’s seasoned staff provide you with the level of care and service that you expect.

  • Environmental Alarm testing, confirmation, and integration
  • Battery installation, service, and testing
  • DC plant inspection, audits, and commissioning
  • Structured cabling (Power, Ethernet, and Fiber)
  • Equipment installation

Macro Cell 4G/5G

In today's fast-paced mobile environment, the time it takes to deploy new sites is critical. Direct Power can expedite this time by utilizing our tried-and-true D3 Integration program.

  • Engineering: Working closely with the End User and OEM’s to assure that the final design meets the intended criteria
  • Procurement: Obtain all required equipment and materials in a costly and timely manner. Storage of all materials at one of our East Coast locations.
  • Integration: Pre-build Sites at our location; whether it be a shelter site or a cabinet site; we have engineered pre-build kits that cut onsite installation times in half. This reduction in onsite time, clears the way for others to get onsite sooner thereby expediting overall site completion

Small Cell

With operator’s struggling to maintain the massive amounts of mobile data traffic, new Small Cell installations are necessary in order to efficiently manage the LTE advanced spectrum. When it comes to expanding your network service availability increasing your number of Micro sites can be more efficient than turning up the power on the main antenna. Direct Power’s team of engineers and technicians are positioned to provide full turnkey Small Cell solutions to fulfill provider needs for data thirsty customers. Services available are:

  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Installations
  • Power, Batteries & UPS
  • RF & Fiber Installation
  • PIM & RF Testing
  • Commissioning


As the demand for higher bandwidth and speeds rise, so does the desire to increase efficiency and reduce equipment cost. So, we move into the era of migration toward the Centralized Radio Access Network. The key word is Centralized which translates to several small to medium switches being deployed throughout your Network. Let the expert Staff at Direct Power assist in the migration of converting your Legacy Network and growing your new Network.

  • Site audits
  • DC Plant Engineering
  • Live Site re-work (Hot Slides) for floor plan changes
  • DC Power additions for increased capacity and reserve time
  • Radio, Router, and MUX installations
  • Fiber installation and testing


Don’t leave your place of business in the dark when it comes to cellular service. In today’s business world having the technology to provide sufficient cellular coverage is essential and we have the tools and experience needed to install a new DAS system or maintain and repair an existing one. Direct Power is your single source for DAS services. Our DAS services include:

  • Design: Every site that utilizes a DAS system is unique and requires a different type of design to fit its specifications. Let Direct Power’s team of Engineers design and install a custom DAS system to meet your specific needs.
  • Development: Our turnkey DAS development capabilities range from design, project management, construction and commissioning. With dedicated general contracting and project management personnel, full attention to construction detail is given on every project undertaken.
  • Commissioning: Most important of all is the commissioning of your DAS system which brings it to life. Our technicians are certified in doing so in a well-organized, documented, step-by-step manner leaving nothing to question.
  • Repair: Our in-house technicians and engineers have the certifications and experience necessary to make any repairs that your DAS system may require in a timely and comprehensive manner.


As an innovative company offering comprehensive solutions to the Telecommunications Industry, our Direct Tower Division with trained and experienced professionals are positioned to accommodate the unique demands presented. Service capabilities include:

  • Antennas & Line Installations
  • Dish Alignments, Installation & Removals
  • Re-lamps
  • Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Services
  • PIM, Sweep & Fiber Testing
  • Drone Flight Observations

Enhance Your Power Systems

Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your operations with Direct Power’s specialized services. From engineering innovative power solutions to maintaining and monitoring complex systems, our expert team is equipped to handle all your power needs. Reach out today to see how we can support your business with our tailored and advanced power solutions.